About Us

At Bear Wallow Golf, we want to provide a top tier golf experience no matter the conditions. Living in the mountains of North Carolina we deal with cold winters and wet springs/summers, making it very difficult to play a round of golf . That's why we utilize the state of the art Trackman 4 launch monitor system to deliver an extremely realistic and fun user experience inside a climate controlled facility. With over 200+ courses to play and multiple different game modes, come solo or bring your friends out to play some of the world's most recognizable golf courses any time of the year. You are sure to have a great time whether it's playing a round of 18, watching the game at the bar, or playing in a league with your friends. Come on down to Bear Wallow Golf and see for yourself.


TrackMan 4 is the most trusted, powerful, and accurate launch monitor ever built. With astonishing graphics paired with the most accurate data you’ll be sure to have a blast. Each Trackman 4 unit has dual radar technology. One radar tracks everything the club does during the duration of the shot and the other radar tracks the ball from shot to landing. The Trackman 4 can measure any shot from 6 foot pitches to 400 yard drives, with a pinpoint landing accuracy of 1.5 feet.